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What I'm Loving on Etsy - for Spring!

How we Montessori - spring materials

Our daffodils are starting to open and there are butterflies and even a few bumble bees in our garden. Spring cannot be too far away! Here are a few things I'm loving on Etsy for Spring:

  1. Loose Parts / Build a Nest Activity - we make our own nests almost every year. It's a good hands-on learning activity for Spring.
  2. Bunch of Daffodils Card - I love the idea of using cards for art and why not use plant prints which celebrate the season. 
  3. First Signs of Spring Print - these first signs of spring/summer/autumn/winter prints are brilliant, we have this one and we also have it in the card size, with the Spring flowers and garden bird cards too. They work so well in the child's space. 
  4. Waldorf Spring Window Transparency - you know I love these for placing on the window, they are so beautiful. 
  5. Bird Waterproof Apron (3-5yrs) - because Spring is the best time to get gardening and you'll need a Montessori Spring Apron.
  6. Fibonacci Petal Exploration Cards (download) - if you haven't taught your children about Fibonacci now is the time and what better way to start than with flowers!?!
  7. Flower Press - this is a nice reminder now that is the time to get out the flower press!
  8. Frog Lifecycle Wooden Puzzle - we have a favourite spot to watch for and monitor the frog lifecycle at our local nature reserve. There are no frog eggs there yet, but hopefully soon. This frog lifecycle puzzle is lovely and has a control of error.
  9. Frog Lifecycle Clay - wow, this is amazing, it would be wonderful in a classroom where it could be used and seen by many children. 
  10. Floral Mini Mystery Bag - because floral fabric looks so lovely in the classroom or home at Spring.
  11. Wooden Memory Beneficial Bugs - memory games can be used as simple matching games and this one has a good learning theme. 
  12. Flower Three Part Cards - a wonderful language tool for Spring.
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