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First Montessori Transferring Activities - 19 months

A Few New Baskets and Trays - at 19 months

New Baskets and Trays  at 19 months  How we Montessori

Today I want to share a few new trays, baskets and things we've introduced at or around 19 months. I will continue to list activities by age although at around this stage age become less relevant. As I've seen with my three children they all become interested in activiites at different ages. I always try to put together at least a couple of new trays or baskets at every rotation, using my child's interests, skill level and often materials I can find from around the home.

  • Shell Nature Basket - we introduced this one earlier but haven't had it out for months. This is for the child to touch and explore. The shells also teach the child to handle items carefully. 
  • Train Track Pieces - Otto plays with the train set with his older brothers. While it is out of rotation I've put three track pieces and two train pieces in a container. The child can learn to construct the train track pieces on a small scale, they fit together like a puzzle, and then push the train over the pieces. 
  • Doll Dressing - while not Montessori this is great for the child's developing fine motor skills. We have chosen a Waldorf doll as it is soft and comforting to sleep with or to snuggle, the body is full of wool which is warming. This doll also comes with a second set of clothes so there are two outfits it can wear inclding shoes and underwear. 
  • Laminated Butterflies - this is also for exploration, they are beautiful to look at and are also good for language work. 
  • Bristle Blocks - Otto loves these, he found them in storage and kept on going back to them. He doesn't build much with them but will put a few together and then pull them apart. They are used as open ended construction materials. 
  • Bell Basket - Otto enjoys ringing bells so we have a variety of bell in a basket. He is learning cause and effect, the more force he uses the louder the ring and he is also learning how different bells work. 
  • Xylophone
  • Reusable Sticker Sheet - this is fantastic for children who love to stick and peel. 
  • Bird Whistle Tray - we have three different types of bird callers/whistles in a tray. 
  • Cutting Tray - at 18 months we introduced cutting, this is a little tray with a few strips of thin card and some little scissors. 
  • Window Washing - a little squeege and a small spray bottle for window washing.
  • Pouring - Children need repetition to master an activity. This pouring activity allows the child to practice pouring over and over. It's been very well used. 

If you are interested in the other materials we are using have a look at the types of toys we were using at 18 months

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