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Easter Basket Ideas at How we Montessori-2

Easter is near and this week I started preparing our Easter baskets. I thought it would be fun to share some some of our Easter basket, craft and book ideas!

Counting Eggs, Loose Parts / Easter Egg Puzzle / Lacing Rabbit

Hollow and Fillable Wooden Eggs / Colour Matching Egg and Cups / Coloured Nesting Eggs

Pastel Crochet (Sensory) Eggs / Rabbit Breakfast Board / Wooden Rabbit Puzzle

Easter Crayons / Easter Playdough BasketRabbit Rattle

Otto at 18 months is going through a love of lacing and threading. He isn't interested in colour matching but enjoys placing the coloured eggs on the egg cups (I DIYed this last year). If you are looking for a cute breakfast board this one may suit but From Jennifer has some that are more plate like. Otto is in a huge playdough phase, it's perhaps him most used material, so he would love an Easter playdough set. Otto had a little Bird Rattle by the same maker as the rabbit one pictured here, he loved it and it was fanastic for teaching coordination, cause and effect and also as a teether.

Easter Basket Ideas at How we Montessori-2

We will try the Ukranian Easter Egg Decorating Kit over the school holidays. The idea is that you use wax to decorate the egg and then dye it. Allowing you to make patterns and different colours through  layering. At the end you remove the wax to show the egg colours underneath. Today we used water colour paints to paint the medium size hanging wooden eggs, even Otto was able to join in, the water colours look beautiful on the wood egg. Wet felting is harder than it looks and I would recommend it for preschoolers up. I know Otis would love the stained glass window eggs and they would look so lovely in the window. 

Natural Earth Egg Dying Kit / Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating Kit 

Blank Hanging Wooden Eggs / Blank Nesting Eggs

Felted Egg KitStained Easter Egg Sun Catchers 

Easter Books at How we Montessori-2

We have three of these book and have found them fantastic for children 5-6 years+ to give an overview of how other cultures celebrate Easter and other cultural events. I believe Children Just LIke Me Celebrations is brilliant, as is the whole Children Just like me series. 

Children Just Like Me Celebrations / Celebrating Holidays and Festivals Around the World: Easter Passover and Festivals of Hope

Easter (Early Reader) / National Geographic Celebrate Easter (this is brief).


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