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Montessori Home (Bedroom and Playroom) Inspiration

Today I'm sharing a few Montessori spaces that I have found fresh and inspiring. A lot of Montesori inspired spaces we see online are bursting with toys and are overwhelming, I hope you find some calm and simplicity in these.

Isn't this little activity table and child size sofa amazing? "Montessori inspired Children’s adjustable activity desk and chair set with our gorgeous double kids armchairs in the background! These incredible tables are designed to be adjusted as your child grows, meaning they can be used for many years." 

"The children's room apart from covering their needs can also connect with their culture and world in which they live. For us as family the relationship with the sea and nature is very important." This is lovely sentiment, all of our spaces should reflect who we are.

This is a gorgeous hadmade bed frame. This whole room is beautiful. You can see more details including lots of photographs on the Curious and Catcat blog (in German) here

Wardrobe ideas... This is so neat and tidy. 

This is such a wonderful space but the message here is to add greenery to your children's environment. Sprouts (as shown here) are so interesting to observe, affordable, they are easy to grow, and they grow really quickly. 

This is from an infant toddler class at Westside Montessori School but it is a fantastic set up that could be replicated in the home. Fresh fruit and vegetables, child size tools arranged in a way that is inviting to the child!

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