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We Love and Recommend Lovevery for Montessori Toddlers!!

Love very at How we Montessori  Montessori subscription kit

When I found out that Lovevery made Toddler Play Kits I almost flipped out. Like a crazy person, I went through all their play kits to see what amazing products they had to offer. When our first Toddler Play Kit arrived: The Realist (for 19, 20, 21 months) I was so impressed. The products are not only perfect for this age group they are of fantastic quality. Our Toddler Play Kit, The Realist is c/o Lovevery

Lovevery is absolutely my favourite and preferred Montessori subscription service for babies and toddlers. Each and every product is designed and made by Lovevery. You can't find the materials for sale elsewhere and this is what makes them so unique. The wonder is in the design of the products and in the small details, I think their designers are geniuses! The colours, the textures are perfect for Montessori. All of the Montessori principles are honoured.  Every product is quality, the wood is sustainably sourced and is smooth, the finishes are water-based and nontoxic, they only use 100% organic cotton fabric and all products are safety tested. Where plastics are used they are made without BPA and are phthalate free. Everything is finished perfectly. 

I recommend Lovevery to other Montessori parents as the items in the subscription service are not too large and all are practical, you get so much in each box. I was able to fill our toddler shelves with Lovevery materials and Otto was immediately engaged, so much of the work looking for the right materials has already been done. The colours and designs are also really beautiful, which is important to me. I love every item in our box and there is nothing that I wouldn't use. The quality is better than most of our other materials and can definitely be handed down or passed on to other families, it will last. The Play Kits don't disappoint. 

Want to see what is in our The Realist (19, 20, 21 month) Play Kit?

Love very Quilted Critters at How we Montessori

Quilted Critter Pockets. This is a lovely introduction to matching. You can hang it on the wall or use it on a table or floor. The child can play with the little critters and then put them back in their corresponding pockets. Otto loves it!!

Montessori toddler  matching animal pockets at Lovevery

The quilted animals can also be used for open-ended play, or you can hide them in the lock box. This can be valuable language work too, you can provide the child with the name of the animals as you play with them.

Montessori toddler pouring at How we Montessori Lovevery

Grooved Pitcher and Glass. The design here is excellent. The handle is like rubber and is really grippy. The spout is pronounced, making it easier for the young child to successfully pour. The glass is transparent so the child can observe the liquid going into the glass, making sure not to overpour. The colours are so lovely. 

Lovevery Montessori Toddler cup and jug  pouring water

You can see how well suited it is to the capabilities of a toddler in this age group!

Montessori wooden stacking pegs at How we Montessori   toddler big work

Wooden Stacking Pegboard. Otto loves pegging and stacking work and wooden stacking pegboards are so hard to find. These pegs are a good size for little hands too. We know toddlers love to do 'big work' like Otto pictured above. 

Otto with wooden stacking pegs at How we Montessori   Lovevery toddler box

This pegging and stacking work is great for their developing coordination and dexterity. The pegs come in a cute organic cotton drawstring bag which makes them easy to put away, for storage or for travelling. Otto loves to put them away in the bag when he has finished playing. The bag could also be used as a mystery or stereognostic bag.

Lovevery Wooden Stacking Pegs at How we Montessori

Also for colour sorting! This peg board is so aesthetically pleasing, the colours are gorgeous.

Toddler friendly torch at How we Montessori Lovevery

Really Real Flashlight. This is the first torch that I've seen that is truly toddler-friendly. Otto can so easily turn the light on and off with the light press of the button. It's perfect. Using the torch is also a good way to teach opposites like 'on' and 'off'. 

Lovevery Lock Box at How we Montessori

The Lock Box. The locks and latches are well suited to this age group, there is nothing too hard. It's compact and not too large or too heavy. I love the handle on top for carrying it around. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend all of these products for the classroom environment, they are sturdy well made.

The kit also comes with three Hideaway Balls. We keep these balls in the Lock Box for Otto to discover but they are light and soft so are also good for throwing, really useful if you have a child who likes or needs to throw. You could provide a hoop or small bucket/basket for them to throw the balls into!

Lovevery Montessori puzzle at How we Montessori  garden puzzle for toddlers

Community Garden Puzzle. I could not love this puzzle more!! Small knobs for practising the pincer grip and corresponding images for each puzzle piece, the gardening theme is perfect. 

Lovevery Books  realistic book for Montessori toddlers

This Play Kit comes with four board books. The above book is about a visit to a farm and has lots to look at and touch, with a few furry animals and a couple of flaps to lift. All of the books are reality-based and are beautifully photographed.  

Lovevery Books  realistic book for Montessori toddlers

The second book Bedtime for Zoe is to help children transition to bed and provides a familiar theme. There are two small books in the kit. Otto loves the small books as they fit in his hands nicely. 

Lovevery Books  realistic book for Montessori toddlers

The Play Guide, pictured below is a fabulous resource. There is a page for each product to suggest ways to use it including extension ideas. There is also a section on play ideas for the age group, generally using household items and there is a little about practical life activities too. Everything is spot on for Montessori, all activities are appropriate for Montessori families. The guide is also non-judgemental, it's friendly and approachable with a welcoming and supportive tone.

Lovevery Handbook at How we Montessori

The Lovevery Toddler Play Kits are such a joy to use, they take the hard work out of preparing the environment for the toddler. It makes playing with toddlers fun not stressful. All of the products are rigorously tested with children and families, and approved by Montessori professionals, and it shows. Thank you so much to Lovevery for our Toddler Play Kit

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