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Pikler Triangles in Amazing Montessori Classrooms

Have you noticed the trend in the last couple of years to have Pikler Triangles in Montessori spaces? I find them in home and school environments, usually in parent toddler classrooms. Have you ever wondered how they are integrated or used in the classroom? Here are a few classrooms that I adore, that include a Pikler Triangle. Above is at Little Hands Montessori in Sydney, Australia. I would love to tour this classroom someday! Pamela Green's Ananda Montessori in Pennsylvania, USA. Jacaranda Tree Montessori by The Montessori Notebook in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Fantastic rock climbing wall too! I believe this is... Read more →

Are you looking for a fun new cookbook for your children? My children enjoy cooking the same things over and over (cookies, cakes and, muffins). A new cookbook always encourages them outside of their cooking comfort zone and piques their interest. Recently they have been enjoying cooking from international cookbooks. International cookbooks are useful in many different ways. They may introduce the child to new cooking techniques, ingredients and, flavours. They may give the child information relevant to geography, travel or history! They can also help further develop an interest in cooking or perhaps in a specific region. Here are... Read more →