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Pikler Triangles in Amazing Montessori Classrooms

Have you noticed the trend in the last couple of years to have Pikler Triangles in Montessori spaces? I find them in home and school environments, usually in parent toddler classrooms. Have you ever wondered how they are integrated or used in the classroom? Here are a few classrooms that I adore, that include a Pikler Triangle.

Above is at Little Hands Montessori in Sydney, Australia. I would love to tour this classroom someday!

Pamela Green's Ananda Montessori in Pennsylvania, USA. 

Jacaranda Tree Montessori by The Montessori Notebook in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Fantastic rock climbing wall too!

I believe this is at North Star Montessori School in North Vancouver, Canada.

Wow, this classroom is amazing. This is Westside Montessori at Vancouver, Canada. Notice the combination of the climbing arch, triangle and slide. The timber variation on the arch and triangle is lovely. 

"A child who is allowed to move freely and without restriction is more careful and learns how to fall safely, whereas children who are overprotected and whose movements are restricted put themselves in more danger because they have not experienced their own capacities and limits.” 🔺 Our Infant Toddler large motor equipment is especially designed for this age group. There are four main pieces – the Slide, Climbing Arch, Pikler Triangle, Reversible Ramp and Rock Climbing Board. The Foldable Pikler Triangle and reversible ramp is one of the most versatile and useful items for large motor skills for this stage. It helps to develop a sense of body awareness in space where they have an opportunity to test, retest and perfect their gross motor movement" - Westside Montessori

If you are wanting to know how best to support your child using the Pikler Triangle or other climbing frames, I found this RIE article useful, Don't Stress, Just Spot - How To Keep Kids Safe in Challenging Situations Without Taking Over at Respectful Caregiving: balanced families, secure babies.

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