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Realistic and Montessori Style Two-Piece Puzzles - Australia, US and UK

Realistic and Montessori Style Two Piece Puzzles-2019 at How we Montessori

There are a lot of toddler puzzles around but it can be difficult to find puzzles with realistic images. The child at this age is trying to make sense of the world so we want to provide materials that reflect the world that we live in. We want our puzzles to reflect reality. I love photographic images but I also enjoy realistic style illustration.

Two piece puzzles can assist with the child's developing visual discrimination, dexterity, coordination and, concentration. Self-correcting puzzles are fantastic in a Montessori environment (home or school) as they have an inbuilt control of error. I have found two-piece puzzles are ideal for most children from around two years. 

Here are a few of our favourite and a few new finds of realistic two-piece puzzles:

1. Ravensburger Adorable Animals My First Puzzles, 2-Piece, Set of 9. - US. Ravensburger Ministeps Children's Jigsaw, 2-Piece, Set of 9. - UK

2. Solid Bright! Farm Animal Puzzles, Set of 6. - Australia

3. Star Right Self-Correcting "How We Go" Puzzle with Realistic Art, Set of 20 (40 Pieces). - US

4. LOVEVERY Two-Piece Puzzles (in The Companion Play Kit). - US

5. Ravensburger Mes Premiers Puzzles Les Véhicules, 9 x 2 Pièces. - FR

6. 6 Animal Pets Simple Wooden Jigsaws (2, 3 and 4 Piece Puzzles) & 6 Farm Animals Simple Wooden Jigsaws (2,3 and 4 Piece Puzzles). - UK

7. Star Right Self-Correcting Heads and Tails Animal Match Puzzle with Realistic Art, Set of 20 (40 Pieces). - US

8. The Learning Journey My First Match It, Things That Go, 15 Self-Correcting Vehicle Matching Puzzles. - US. From the same brand, these Head to Tail three piece puzzles look fantastic. 

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