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Are you looking for ideas or inspiration to update or perhaps create an art area for your children? I love looking at little areas like this that other families have created in their homes. Here are a few gorgeous examples of Montessori home art areas!

The above area shows how well a corner space can work, add a few floating shelves on the wall and a simple hanging area.

I love the white art caddy here keeping all the drawing materials together in an ordered way, still very visible and accessible to the children.

This is a good example of an area for toddlers where it's often best to present all they need for the activity on one tray. There are enough activities available without overwhelming the young child. My toddler would love this. 

I like the simplicity here. There are a lot of materials on display but it's neat and ordered on a relatively small shelf, it's nice and contained. This is from a lovely Australian family, an account to follow as Shelly is Montessori trained. This is for a child who is almost three.

Another really cute toddler art shelf. 

I love how the top shelf here works as a display area. They use it to display works for their 'artist of the month'. This is from a Montessori classroom but it looks achievable and practical for a home environment too. Even if you didn't have an artist of the month, you could display mirrors, flowers, or have a colour as a theme, lots of potential!! 

This is from a homeschooling family, also with a nice display area and room for art books underneath.

I know a lot of families like using an art cart but I wonder if I could keep it as ordered and tidy as shelves. This is a lovely example of a very well organised and child/Montessori friendly art cart.

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