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Otto 21 months with first jigsaw by Heirloom kids at How we Montessori

Are you looking for some beautiful Montessori toys for your children? Only recently I took the plunge and ordered some materials from Heir+Loom Kids. I love the combination of the timbers they use and how well they work with the Montessori philosophy. While they have traditional Montessori materials like the interlocking discs, palmer and pincer grasp blocks they also have new materials like the toddler peg toys and the first jigsaw. You can tell someone with a Montessori mind is behind this company.

It should come as no surprise that Janishi Hightower designer, maker, and, owner of Heir+Loom Kids has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Education. What a wonderful combination. While expecting her third child in October (a baby girl) she is also in the process of completing a Doctorate of Education! Wow!

Janishi grew up being taught woodworking and has always been drawn to creating with her hands. The materials are all so, so beautiful. They are sturdy, smooth and feel so good. You can tell that Janishi pays attention to details and loves what she does.
I also love that Heir+Loom Kids list their materials in age categories, so if you don't know what your child might like you can see what is listed for their age group. You can order, or give as a gift, materials in sets, for example, the Montessori Baby Set of 6 Toys or the Montessori 9-12 Month Set of 9 Toys

Heirloom Kids at How we Montessori  Otto 20  months

I've liked the First Toddler Jigsaw Puzzle (pictured above) for years so I was delighted when Otto was old enough to use it. I presented it to him at 20 months and I was so surprised to find he was able to do it with a little concentration and persistence. Do not underestimate your toddler! The combination of cherry wood and maple wood here is lovely.

Toddler Cylinder Blocks at Heirloom  Kids  Otto 20 months at How we Montessori

I love the built-in control of error in this one. The Montessori Size Discrimination Toddler Peg Toy is made from cherry, walnut, and maple woods. Toddlers often love to find things that fit, they love putting things together. This is another thinking toy, Otto doesn't get it right straight away, often he will try a hole and fit it doesn't fit and then has to think about where the peg goes and try again. I wish I had ordered this one sooner, I would suggest from 16-18 months. 

Toddler Cylinder Blocks at Heirloom  Kids  Otto 20 months at How we Montessori

If you are looking for some beautiful toddler cylinder blocks I recommend the Montessori Toddler Cylinder Size and Depth Discrimination Blocks. There is no fault, they go in really smoothly and easily. They have a good solid weight to them. Look at Otto's beautiful pincer! 

Toddler Cylinder Blocks at Heirloom  Kids  Otto 20 months at How we Montessori

Both sets are perfect for 20 months, not too easy, not too hard. Remember we can also use these with extension activities such as using a blindfold when the child is much older. 

Heirloom Kids at How we Montessori  Otto 20  months

"We provide American made, heirloom quality toys that are specifically focused on the development of the child. Taking our inspiration from the Montessori philosophy, we strive to create toys that are tools to develop a child's innate abilities without overwhelming him/her with flashy toys that distract from the purpose for which they were originally intended. Our products isolate particular skills in order to help your child develop concentration." - Heir+Loom Kids. 

Would you like a discount? You can apply the code HWM10 for 10% off your order from Heir+Loom kids here, This discount code is valid until 1 September 2019. You can also follow and support Heir+Loom Kids on Instagram here.

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