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Melissa and Doug Toys for the Montessori Toddler - 12 to 24 months+

Best Melissa and Doug for Montessori One Year Old  Toddler

Does everyone have at least one Melissa and Doug toy in their home? Melissa and Doug have some great toys suitable for Montessori homes, their toys are relatively affordable and for most families, they are easy to find. I've always found their quality to be good. Due to their widespread availability, they are easy to put on wish lists for family or friends to give for birthdays or Christmas. I've even seen and used a few Melissa and Doug toys in Montessori parent-toddler classes. Today I'm sharing some of the Melissa and Doug toys that we've enjoyed for the one-year-old. 

  1. Take-Along Wooden Doorbell Dollhouse - for those children who LOVE door bells!! Each doorbell makes a different sound. This is a fantastic take on the lock box as it also comes with little people that can hide or play in the house. 
  2. Pound and Roll Tower - this is one of our all-time favourite Melissa and Doug toys.  
  3. Standard Unit Solid Wood Building Blocks - this is a good mid-range set of blocks. 
  4. On the Go Water Wow! - this has been a lifesaver for us at restaurants, on car and coach rides. Mess-free, my toddler and even my eight-year-old loves it. 
  5. Latches Barn Toy - this comes with the little animals too, this is another great idea utilising the idea of a multi-function lock box. Love the handle for carrying around too. 
  6. Wooden Stack and Sort Board - good stacking toy once the child can categorise and sort based on colour and shape. 
  7. Jumbo Paint Brush Set - nice and chunky. 
  8. Wooden Farm Sound Puzzle - love these realistic images and animal noises. 
  9. Stir and Serve Cooking Utensils - these are functional and dishwasher safe. 
  10. Soft Activity Book Dress Up Bear - we received this as a gift and it's a good travel activity, my toddler loves the big button and the zipper. 
  11. Primary Lacing Beads - attractive lacing activity. 
  12. Wooden Farm Magnets in a Box - my toddler uses these much more than I had expected, great for naming and language work. 
  13. Stainless Steel Mealtime Utensil Set - we've had this set for years and it's lasted, it is functional and dishwasher safe. 
  14. On The Farm Reusable Sticker Play Set - with sticker sets, we prefer those that are reusable as they last, another good travel activity. 
  15. Jumbo Knob Wooden Puzzle - Geometric Shapes 
  16. Beginner Wooden Pattern Blocks - this is a great matching, pattern block set, typically for around 18-24 months. 

The age guides on these are approximate. Many on this list we have not introduced until 18 months. There are many more Melissa and Doug toys that we haven't tried, let me know what works in your home. 

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