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Montessori, Waldorf and Nature Inspired Flags and Bunting

Montessori  Waldorf and Nature Inspired Flags and Bunting at How we Montessori

Have you seen some of the children's spaces at Tanglewood Hollow? I've long admired Allyson's homeschool and Montessori influenced spaces. In particular, I'm finding inspiration from the way Allyson uses bunting and flags. Not only do they add colour and are a focal point, but they are also so, so beautiful. 

I've recently ordered some garden creature bunting from Etsy and I'm thinking of using it in Otto's bedroom. Here are some of the other Montessori, Waldorf and nature inspired flags and bunting that I'm loving:

  1. Our World Fabric Bunting
  2. Bless this Garden Prayer Flags.
  3. Garden Herbs Flag.
  4. Green Prayer Nature Flags
  5. Garden Creatures Mini Flags
  6. Insects Bunting (Download).
  7. 100% Real Wool Felt Bunting. I love wool felt and this feels so cozy and warm. 
  8. Nature Gratitude Flags
  9. May You Always Prayer Flags. Block print images such as offer gratitude, see possibilities, choose happiness, believe, be brave and be kind.
  10. Black and White Nature and Botanical Prayer Flags. The contrast could work well in an infant space. 
  11. Garden Prayer Flags. Vegetable Garden Banner. This is stunning and could be used in the kitchen/adult spaces as well. 
  12. Phases of the Moon Bunting (Download).

Below is a gorgeous nature/science study area. 

This space pictured below is a shared bedroom including a Montessori style floor bed. It's so lovely!!

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