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Montessori pitchers at weaning to toddler at How we Montessori

500ml / 250ml / 150ml

What type of pitchers and drinking glasses do your children use? When you have your first child it's hard to know what size to get or what designs will work, often it takes a little trial and error to get it right. Today I'm sharing our most used pitchers, drinking glasses and mugs. We have a few others but these are the ones we use the most and have survived two or three children. 

Water dispensers have become popular in Montessori homes but I suggest that children also need the opportunity to learn to pour water. An early drinking station should also provide a small pitcher and a glass, the child could fill the pitcher from the dispenser or the pitcher and glass can be used at meal times. Pouring teaches so many skills and is so valuable, pouring a drink is a fantastic real-life application.

When looking at these sizes remember that you don't have to fill the pitcher, to begin with only put as much water in the pitcher as will fill one glass, it may be that you only half fill the pitcher.

Montessori drinking glasses  weaning glass at How we Montessori

150ml / 90ml / shot glasses

With weaning glasses, I only have one or two but with the larger sizes, I bought the glasses in sets of six, allowing for breakages but also using juice, milk and, drinking with friends during the day.

Duralex and tempered glass are less breakable. If you are looking for good quality but non-breakable toddler size pitcher and glass, I recommend the set at Lovevery (in The Realist Play Kit, 19-21 months), they have good design features such as a rubber/grippy handle and pronounced lip on the pitcher. 

Mugs for Montessori toddlers at How we Montessori

Our mugs vary from 90 to 150mls and I've found that most of these are espresso size mugs. All of our mugs have been purchased while travelling or are gifts so all have special meaning. 

In the past, I've got hung up on finding the exact same glasses and pitchers as friends overseas or those recommended online. To be honest, look for good quality products close to you. Hopefully, this little guide will help to see what we have used. For pitchers, we love the Bormioli Rocco brand, and for drinking glasses, you can't go wrong with Duralex. Shopping at Montessori specific stores can help, there are good selections listed here:

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