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Beautiful (and real) Montessori Playrooms

I love to see what other families have in their playrooms. I love to see the children's shelves and how they are arranged. Here are a few exceptionally beautiful Montessori playrooms.

Montessori playrooms are a modern concept. Maria Montessori did not write about how to set up one in your home. However, many homes now have a playroom, it makes sense that Montessori families would make their playroom as Montessori as possible. In these rooms, I am seeing Montessori materials but also open-ended toys. A few plants, flowers and wobble boards. Soft floor rugs to work on and child-sized tables. I'm also seeing order and a whole lot of space for children to move!

These shelves are lovely, so wide. Montessori materials mixed in perfectly with open-ended toys.

This area has shelves and a child-size table but has so much space, lots of room to think, to move, to create and play!!

I love the colour and light here. This space looks so interesting, I'd love to see inside some of those baskets!

This is lovely and simple. I love the mix of toys here too, blocks, play silks with some puzzles and pegging toys. 

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