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In Montessori, we often hear "buy the best art materials you can afford". But what is the best, and what is your budget? Often I am guided by the materials I see in our Montessori classrooms and if I'm not sure I'll ask the teacher. Often teachers have used the materials for many years and with many children, they've seen what works. Our most used toddler drawing materials are paint... Read more →

Needs some weekend Montessori inspiration? Here are a few links and things that I've enjoyed this week This site has lots of Montessori DIYs, this DIY Mud Kitchen from an Old Table is cute and fits at the end of a balcony space. This DIY Montessori washstand for Children is lovely too. Simple reminders - 3 Ways to Do Montessori at Home by Rachel Peachey. What Your Child Is Capable... Read more →

These are really notes-to-self, things that I need to make note of and be more mindful of in my own home. I've been trying to make some changes to our playroom in order to provide more whitespace. "White space is often referred to as negative space. It is the portion of a page left unmarked: margins, gutters, and space between columns, lines of type, graphics, figures, or objects drawn or... Read more →

I recently participated in the How to Use a Floorbook to Engage Infants and Toddlers webinar by Claire Warden at Mindstretchers. I loved some of the ideas so much, I tried them out with Otto. I have used many of Claire's resources before including the Floorbook approach, but always with my older children. The Floorbook approach is much like a project-based approach to learning, still child-led. The Floorbook approach is... Read more →

Are you looking for a screen-free way to entertain your children? For the last couple of months, we have been trying out the Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller. It's like a child's mp3 player that comes preloaded with stories that are similar to choose your own adventure stories, the child gets to choose the characters and main themes. It's been to France with us, it's been to Cornwall, on various long... Read more →

There is a lot to love about Plan Toys. When Otto was around 18 months he loved the nesting cylinders and cube, and their new shape puzzles are well aligned with Montessori. In Montessori toddler classes we have used various Plan Toys like the pegging toy and punch and drop ball set. Plan Toys have a lovely range of materials with a built in control of error and also open... Read more →

My older two children were in Montessori schooling until we left Australia in 2018. When we arrived in the UK Caspar went into Year 5 and Otis went into Year 2, into a mainstream (but private) school. Until this time they had only known Montessori schooling. I had only been a parent at Montessori schools. The change from Montessori schooling to mainstream schooling made me realise that the Montessori approach... Read more →

Real Montessori Toilet Learning Spaces

I'm still thinking about toilet learning. Getting the toilet learning space right is important, but all families do it differently. What I feel is most important is an accessible and stable potty. Although many Montessori families use the real toilet, with support or a step, from the start. Here are a few real Montessori toilet learning spaces that I love: Above - this is a large bathroom, but it is... Read more →

a. / b. / c. / d. (UK links) If your toddler stands on a step stool can they reach the running water but not the tap? If so, a tap turner or tap extender may help. At our kitchen sink Otto washes his dishes, washes his hands, has some water play, fills his water pitcher, gets a drink, fills his watering can. He's up at the sink multiple times... Read more →

I'm often inspired by what I observe in Montessori classrooms, especially toddler rooms. So often in these controlled environments we see what the toddler is truly capable of, and it's amazing. Yes, toddlers can bake. They don't need to be our assistants, or sit and watch while we do all the work. We can prepare the environment and assist them. As I've observed in Montessori classrooms and as I have... Read more →

Otto is now completely nappy free at 22 months. Over the last week, we've moved from nappies at night to one hundred percent in underwear. He was wearing a nappy at night but I found that he was dry almost all of the time. I started offering him the potty first thing in the morning and now he goes there himself as soon as he wakes so we stopped using... Read more →

Image: Inner Sydney Montessori School Isn't the above scene from Inner Sydney Montessori School gorgeous! We recently found out we will be moving to Syndey in January! Here are a few links and things that I've been enjoying this week: Simple Montessori Toddler Art Shelf at Montessori-ish Mom. I am a little obsessed with Montessori and child-sized furniture! Love this little cube chair and table set at Creciendo con Montessori.... Read more →

Do you know about Paint Sticks? Until last week I hadn't heard of them!! These are paint sticks with real tempera paint, they are not pastels or crayons. Paint sticks are a convenient, quick and easy way to involve children in painting without the mess and preparation of usual paints. Paint sticks may lack the sensory experience of using squishy liquid paint but they are better suited to using inside... Read more →

Have you read Susan Mayclin Stephenson's new release The Red Corolla: Montessori Cosmic Education? I would absolutely recommend it. It is heavy on the practical, on activities, on setting up the environment and I feel a lot of parents would appreciate that. I'm going to try many of these activities at home. I also recommend this for the school teacher/parent library! It gives a fantastic insight into Montessori training that... Read more →

Beautiful (and real) Montessori Playrooms

I love to see what other families have in their playrooms. I love to see the children's shelves and how they are arranged. Here are a few exceptionally beautiful Montessori playrooms. Montessori playrooms are a modern concept. Maria Montessori did not write about how to set up one in your home. However, many homes now have a playroom, it makes sense that Montessori families would make their playroom as Montessori... Read more →