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I love shopping at Flying Tiger. It is so bright, colourful and cheerful. It is a great place to find little bits and pieces for your Montessori home. I've found the items well designed and they are super affordable.

On my last visit, I bought the cutest toddler size whisk, a lovely bud vase and little spices jars that are perfect for storing little things or to put into an open/close basket (I like the latch on them). They always have a good range of baskets, trays and art supplies. However, the stock changes frequently and it's easy to buy things we don't really need. It's a good idea to look at the latest catalogue and make a list before going in to avoid too many last minute purchases. Next time I am going to pick up some liquid watercolours and paint palettes, the prices are amazing so I'm interested to see the quality. Here are a few things I'm loving at Flying Tiger:

  1. Basket.
  2. Small Cutting Board - child size.
  3. Various Vases - they usually have a good selection of small vases.
  4. Time Teaching Clock - £3.
  5. Basket - they usually have a good selection of small to medium baskets.
  6. Small Basket with Lid.
  7. Basket.
  8. Mini Whisks - these are perfect toddler size. 
  9. Travel Bottles - good size for young children to use for soap, lotion, detergents, pet wash etc. 
  10. Sand Sieve and Bucket - I'm not a fan of plastic but the bioplastics may be worth looking into. 
  11. Sand/Water Wheel - I love these for the bath or sand/water table. 
  12. Connectors Toy - DIY figures, 40 pieces, these are great for developing fine motor skills. 
  13. Hand Crank Music Toy - good for the child's coordination. 
  14. Spice Jars - I like the little latch on these. 
  15. Watering Can - this is also the new bioplastics, I don't know how well it works but it is toddler size. 
  16. Sand/Gardening Tools.
  17. Watercolour Palette - I love the colours in this. 
  18. Watercolour Pencils.
  19. Liquid Watercolours - we use liquid watercolours a lot in our home, I can't wait to give these a try, £2 each. They also have water brushes which I would love to try with my older children. 
  20. Watercolour Palette - 36 colours. 
  21. Planter - I didn't see much gardening stock in store but keep an eye out when you visit. 
  22. Sidewalk Chalk - large chunky chalk is useful on the sidewalk but also for toddlers to use on easels. 
  23. Watercolour Painting Pad - need this!
  24. Paint Brushes - always useful.
  25. Watercolour Crayons.

As mentioned, stock varies greatly, these items may not be in stock at your local store. Bioplastics are made with sugar cane not petrochemicals.

Let me know if there is anything you are loving from Flying Tiger!

P.S. We are really hoping to make it to Copenhagen (home of Flying Tiger) over the summer holidays. Let me know if you have any tips or favourite places to visit, we've never been there before. 

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