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Montessori Glue and Paste Box

I have just ordered our first Montessori Gluing Box. Previously we've used a gluing tray, with a small dish for the little bits and pieces. The Montessori Gluing Box is one of those 'at school' materials that I never thought we needed at home. However, I'm about to introduce Otto (21 months) to gluing, none of my children currently attend a Montessori school and we don't have any spare trays. Gluing is always such a popular activity for my toddlers that it just makes sense to have a dedicated box! But what goes in one, what is it supposed to look like?

A Montessori Gluing Box often includes:

  • paper in a small tray
  • gluing brush 
  • wooden brush holder
  • paper cut-outs or shapes for gluing/collage pieces
  • small glue jar with non-toxic glue - a small honey or jam jar works perfectly

I love the idea of presenting it with a work mat like a placemat to protect the table and a small sponge for clean up. 

What I love most about the Gluing Box is the compartments, there is space for everything - it assists the child to find the things they need, not to mix up the paper and helps the child to keep the box ordered. This is even more important in a classroom setting where children share the box. 


Montessori schools (and homes) often have young children apply paste with brushes or small spreaders as opposed to glue sticks. It serves as an opportunity for the child to develop their fine motor skills and pincer grasp preparing their hand for writing. Here are a few good examples of Montessori Gluing Boxes.

This is order! Same shape and size pieces but in different colours. Also if you don't already follow Montessori Mother in Berlin, click through for lots of Montessori ideas. 

I'm on board with this, pasting pieces from a leaf. 

Above, stickers and pom poms!

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