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NEW RELEASE: The Red Corolla: Montessori Cosmic Education by Susan Mayclin Stephenson

The Red Corolla Montessori Cosmic Education at How we Montessori

Have you read Susan Mayclin Stephenson's new release The Red Corolla: Montessori Cosmic Education? I would absolutely recommend it. It is heavy on the practical, on activities, on setting up the environment and I feel a lot of parents would appreciate that. I'm going to try many of these activities at home. I also recommend this for the school teacher/parent library!

It gives a fantastic insight into Montessori training that many are longing for, it includes parts of Susan's lectures and discussion on what is in her (Montessori) albums. It is suitable for those with little or no experience or knowledge of Montessori. Experienced Montessori teachers would also find this useful. Susan has spent decades working in Montessori classrooms around the world, her voice is invaluable. 

This book contains directions for the adult, and the child, especially from ages 3-6 years, to explore in detail the world of physics, botany, zoology, geography, history, music and art. The lessons are based on AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) 3-6 teacher training.

"The culture lessons taught in an AMI primary teacher-training course—physics, biology, history and geography, and the arts—are presented here in great detail to lay the foundation before age six for the older child’s search for his Cosmic Task. Also included are personal “filling in the gaps” assignments for the parent or teacher, and two republished AMI and NAMTA articles, one on Cosmic Education and the second on music for all ages." - Susan Mayclin Stephenson.

The Red Corolla Montessori Cosmic Education at How we Montessori

This is in the same style as Susan's other books. I've always loved her tone, it's supportive and warm. There are a few hand-drawn diagrams for some experiments and a few black and white photographs. Due to cost, I ordered this in the kindle format first but quickly found I really needed/wanted the physical book. This is to be read, reread, poured over. Get out your highlighter and sticky notes. Parents and teachers of those 3-6 years will get the most out of this. 

The Red Corolla Montessori Cosmic Education at How we Montessori

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