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Real Montessori Toilet Learning Spaces

I'm still thinking about toilet learning. Getting the toilet learning space right is important, but all families do it differently. What I feel is most important is an accessible and stable potty. Although many Montessori families use the real toilet, with support or a step, from the start. Here are a few real Montessori toilet learning spaces that I love:

Above - this is a large bathroom, but it is so well organsied, functional and even beautiful! Everything is at the child's height. 

Love to have the hand washing facilities so close by. 

Everything the child needs to use the real toilet and real basin!!


This is much like our simple set up. Note the cleaning supplies nearby. 

A small mat underneath makes it nice and comfortable underfoot and makes the area easier to wash. 

This family is able to place the potty close to the real toilet. 

Simple with no fuss!

These little potties that look like toilets are quite popular. 

This one has a custom made toilet platform. Once finished this family passed the platform onto another family. That's how it's done! This looks stable and secure. 

This space isn't specifically Montessori but I love this idea. This family cut a hole in a wooden child-size chair to make room for the potty, all DIY. Someone should make and sell these!! 

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