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Weekend Montessori Inspiration

Weekend Inspiration at How we Montessori July 2019

Needs some weekend Montessori inspiration? Here are a few links and things that I've enjoyed this week

  1. This site has lots of Montessori DIYs, this DIY Mud Kitchen from an Old Table is cute and fits at the end of a balcony space.
  2. This DIY Montessori washstand for Children is lovely too. 
  3. Simple reminders - 3 Ways to Do Montessori at Home by Rachel Peachey. 
  4. What Your Child Is Capable Of: from birth to 18 months by Katelynn from Montessori Mother Early Learning Centre in Berlin, this is also in a podcast version, which is fantastic for those who prefer to listen!! Katelynn is really easy to listen to, I highly recommend. Pictures of her classroom are always a delight. 
  5. I've been reading Teach Like Finland: 33 Simple Strategies for Joyful Classrooms is by Timothy Walker, a US teacher working at a Helsinki public school. A good book for everyone interested in teaching, education and diverse teaching strategies. It's always enlightening to read about schooling systems in other countries and how they are influenced by their culture. I couldn't put this down!
  6. You know my love for natural timber and open shelving... here it is - the Luce Shelf at Sprout, use the discount code WMLUCE code for a 15% discount before July 30th. Look how versatile this is, it is a system that you can add to that will last from toddler to teenager. Sprout is ahead of the curve for innovation. If you are wavering know that Sprout is a family owned business, all furniture is made in the US and we have their bed, infant shelves and kitchen helper and love them all. 
  7. I love all of these - Montessori Inspired Flower Activities at Montessori Family. If you have a toddler, you could just use the image cards (without words) and do some matching in your garden, to pre-picked flowers, or to model flowers
  8. A sweet homemade Montessori-style apron. I wish my sewing was this neat! This is perhaps something elementary+ children could learn to make!
  9. Sweet small posters with Montessori quotes, easy to DIY too if you already have some nice images from your home or school. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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