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Today I spent some time in a Doll House (and accessories) store. It's like a dream for Montessori parents and teachers with every life-like miniature and replica you can think of. I brought home a whole heap of materials ready to make some language work for my toddler. Here are a few activities that inspired my Doll House store visit!!

Above is an adorable set of cleaning tools. How lovely is the hand-stitched label and bag!

This one is so sweet and I'm absolutely using this as inspiration for some matching and language work for my toddler! 

Nichole has a couple of trays here that I love. This bathroom set is fantastic and I'm going to re-create the gardening tool work on the last page (click through).

Montessori language work bathroom

This is an example by This Merry Montessori, where the adult has photographed the bathroom miniatures and printed them onto card. The child then matches them. This is work for an 18-month old toddler, you can see the child doing the work here

This one uses lots of really interesting miniatures, I love it! It is "What Goes Together" work for a pre-reader. This is a bit too old for my toddler but it's going onto my list for the future. 

Above is some French language work from Westside Montessori School but I can see the child is grouping or categorising the items as there is more than one of each, and these are nicer tools than I've seen before.

I have most of our language work ready using our new miniatures and I will take some photographs to show you next week! 

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