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Let's Talk About Travel Potties

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Let's talk about travel potties. Are they a necessity? I could not be happier with our current travel potty. It has been am-az-ing. Earlier this week we flew to Copenhagen with Otto (23 months), without any potty/toileting accidents. No wet pants. Using the toilet or potty was my biggest concern for our summer travel. But I shouldn't have worried. 

I understand that a big part of this process is physiology, Otto is physically able to hold on or wait to use the potty. He will not use a public toilet and he won't pee standing up outside, on the grass or anywhere. He insists on using a potty. He is able to hold, and rather than wet his pants he will get very antsy and anxious which can last a ridiculous amount of time. 

Earlier this summer we spent a week in St Ives but we travelled by car. We simply took our usual (largish) potty and offered it to Otto before and after we went out. Having the potty in the car made the process super simple. But flying, long day trips and being completely out of our routine complicates things.  

Last week I ordered a travel potty. I hadn't used a travel potty before, not with Otto and not with my other children. I chose this one (UK link) as I could put it in my backpack and I could take it on the plane. It folds down really flat, it's easy to empty and it comes in its own travel pouch. I was nervous that Otto wouldn't like it. When it arrived I kept his usual potty downstairs but replaced his upstairs potty with the new travel potty. He had around five days to get used to it.

When we flew I took the potty on the plane but didn't need it as he slept the whole way. I offered the potty in the car park, at the airport and in our hotel as soon as we arrived. He doesn't always use the potty on cue and I probably offer it to him way too often. Now we are in Copenhagen we have the travel potty set up in our hotel bathroom and I can pop it in my backpack when we go out. On most days he will use the potty in the hotel before we go and when we get back, but it's nice to have with us if needed. 

While our Copenhagen trip isn't over and we still have to fly home, I know that I shouldn't have worried so much about travelling with a potty. My tips are to trust your child and your parenting while still being prepared for the worst, I packed lots of spare clothes and always travel with at least one spare set of clothing including underwear and wipes.

I was a little expensive but I love this travel potty (UK link). In the US this one is the same with a reusable liner. The reusable liner flattens almost completely and if your child will use it - the potty can also sit on top of a toilet seat. It has been an absolute champion in supporting Otto in his toilet learning process. 

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