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When I set up our toddler 'writing' station I put our block crayons into a cute crayon holder. I had put them in the crayon holder previously when presenting the crayons in a tray, but this time it was different. This time my toddler (at 22 months) was much better and more consistent with putting them away and more specific with the colours that he wanted to use. I could see how practical and useful the crayon holder had become.

The crayon holder promotes order -  the child can easily find the colour crayon they are looking for, it's easy for the child to put them back and the child is able to take better care of their art materials/crayons. 

I love that I can see my toddler using his fine motor skills and coordination when he puts the crayons back into the holder, I can see his focus and concentration, for him it's like doing a puzzle. 

We use a simple eight block wooden crayon holder but I am looking for something similar for our pencils. Here are a few other crayon holders, that I love:

  1. Art Supply Caddy, Modular Art Holders for Crayon Sticks, Block Crayons and Watercolour Paints - Myers Natural Toy Studio. These are gorgeous! 
  2. Cherry Wood Tiered Block and Stick Crayon Holder, 16 Block and 16 Stick at Palumba Camden Rose. They also have a lovely smaller version which is better suited to younger children. 
  3. Wooden Beeswax Crayon Holder 24 Blocks and 24 Sticks at From Jennifer. 
  4. Wooden Beeswax Crayon Holder 16 Blocks at From Jennifer. 
  5. Cherry Wood Tiered Block and Stick Crayon Holder, 8 Blocks and 8 Sticks at Palumba Camden Rose. 
  6. Stockmar Crayon Holder Tray at Troyohouse.

Selected products including crayon holders by From Jennifer can be found in the UK at Conscious Craft and in Australia at The Small Folk.

Three Wood Shop have similar, well priced and awesome looking crayon holders with free shipping to the UK. The crayon holders at Folkwood are the only ones I could find that are made in Australia. 

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