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Waldorf and Montessori Finds - What I'm Loving and Buying On Etsy

Waldorf and Montessori Finds I'm Loving and Buying on Etsy

Etsy is a constant source of inspiration. Here are a few Waldorf and Montessori finds that I'm loving and buying from Etsy.  

  1. Waldorf Wool Felt Birthday Crown - Otto is turning two next month and I've been looking for a birthday crown for him, isn't this one lovely? The crown that I decided to order is this one with interchangeable numbers
  2. Apfelmaus - the mouse in the apple. We have this on our shelves (for open ended play) and it's adorable, Otto loves it.  
  3. Garden Play Dough Kit - fresh play dough inspiration, ordered! I love how the play dough and tools are set up in the tray like this. 
  4. Montessori Miniature Vegetable Matching Set - these miniatures are fantastic.
  5. Animal Fabric Baby Book - this shop sells fabric baby books some with black and white images for infants and others with realistic images like animals, vehicles and stores. This is a good option to board books that are also soft and these images look beautiful. 
  6. Explorer Clipboard - this is so sweet, it's on my wish list. 

What else have we ordered from Etsy? You often see Otto wearing this colourful organic cotton long sleeve top and this one. Otto also has this personalised mixing bowl which is so cute!!

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