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New at Ikea at How we Montessori

Have you been to Ikea recently? They have a lot of really cute, new items suitable for a Montessori home or perhaps the classroom. When I go to Ikea I usually pick up lots of baskets, trays and, baskets. They have many of these new in stock. Here are a few new things that I'm currently loving at Ikea:

  1. FÖRMEDLA tray with non-slip bottom - a lovely tray at 13 x 13 inches. For a food preparation tray, drink station or craftwork. Really practical! 
  2. OSTBIT bamboo tray - (UK link) 25 x 33 cms, this has a nice 2cm edge/sides. 
  3. HEMGJORD set of two dishes of banana fiber - handmade and so versatile. 
  4. MEDLEM tray - also 13 x 13 inches. 
  5. URLADDA black/white tray - 13 x 13 inches. 
  6. ANNANSTANS basket banana fiber - (this is a new product in the UK), a good solid basket. 
  7. MIDDAGSSOL napkin holder natural - (UK link) I like this for neatly storing paper. 
  8. DUKTIG 24 piece pizza set - I'm not always a fan of play food but feel it has a place for language work and possibly role play. I would replace the pan with a real pizza tray, but I think my children would love this!! Also new at Ikea is the play cinnamon bun play set
  9. SMARRA box with lid - (UK link) 30 x 30 x 10 cm.
  10. SMARRA box with lid - (UK link) beautiful storage box, or use without the lid as a tray. 30 x 30 x 23 cms. 
  11. NÄTVERK serving basket - for storage or display. 
  12. HEROISK plate with three compartments - this is probably intended for children to eat from but I would consider using it with the compartments for painting, playdough tray or crafting.
  13. DRÖMBILD clear glass bowls 4 pack - for food prep or even arts and crafts, I like to use clear bowls with children, especially toddlers as it's easy for them to see what is in them and they are easy for the child to use. 
  14. NÖJSAM basket set of 2 red and blue - cute baskets made from recycled PET bottles. Good for storage, perhaps in the child's wardrobe for things like socks or on the work shelves for blocks or other loose items. 
  15. TONSÄTTA blue vase / SOCKERÄRT dark blue vase / STILREN lilac vase - these range from 12 to 20 cm in height. Ikea has many new vases to beautify the home or school environment. 
  16. LUBBAN serving cart - this is absolutely adorable, if I wasn't doing an international move in five months I would order this ASAP, perhaps for storing children's art or craft supplies, I would put some model animals on top and blocks beneath. It's lovely!!
  17. MÖJLIGHET Noticeboard/whiteboard with a basket for small things - looks good for older children's spaces. 
  18. LISTERBY console table - this is a nice shelf for a small space, perhaps for a shared space in a living area with a few plants on top and a some accessible children's materials on the lowest shelf. The design is so nice and simple and the timber is lovely. 
  19. EKOLN trash can - this is a super small trash can, my toddler loves playing with and using our larger bin and I think he would love this smaller version too. 
  20. KAFFEBÖNA plant pot - perfect for decorating plants in the home or classroom, this comes in a few different sizes, a smaller version can be found here
  21. SPISIG play kitchen - while in Montessori we generally don't use play kitchens this may be suitable for a DIY/hack or to be used as a food prep/storage area. I love the lower shelf, perfect for the child's plates and glasses. 
  22. ÖVERALLT shelf - this could work well in children's spaces, perhaps for toys, materials, or books. I love how natural this is with it being made from untreated timber, it looks really organic. 
  23. EKET storage combination - this has a lot of potential, perhaps with a rail could be used as a child's wardrobe. 

Platsa  Ikea-2

Above is the PLATSA wardrobe which I've only been able to find available in the UK and Australia, it has a lot of potential for use in children's spaces. 

Ikea open children's wardrobe at How we Montessori

Above is the new SYVDE open wardrobe which I have not seen in person however it appears to be available online, perhaps could be used as a children's wardrobe. This might be a bit too high for a toddler wardrobe but perhaps for a preschooler or a smaller child with a step stool? If you try it out, let me know! 

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