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A Montessori Style Wooden Placemat?

Wooden montessori placemat at how we montessori otto

Have you seen a wooden Montessori style placemat before? I recently came across this one and I absolutely love it. It's so unique and that I really want to share it with you. It is made from solid acacia wood here in the UK. 

It is laser engraved so the child knows exactly where to put their fork, spoon, knife, plate and cup! It is super smooth and practical. I love that it is personalised so that Otto can start to recognise his name and has ownership over it. It's beautiful!! If you are wondering it wipes down easily too. 

Wooden Montessori place Mat at How we Montessori

Our wooden, personalised Montessori style placemat is by Benedykt and Sylvester. Orders can be placed by direct message on Facebook or Instagram (they ship international!).

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