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Our Favourite and Most Used Play Dough Tools and Materials for the Under Twos!!

Our favourite play dough tools at How we Montessori-2

My toddler is crazy about play dough!! It is used every.single.day! He loves it. One of the reasons it keeps his interest is because we rotate the play dough and most of the tools and materials.

Every week or so we add new materials that are usually related to an interest such as toob insects, flowers or mini diggers. When he was younger, from 10 months, we offered coloured craft sticks and coloured matchsticks as toddlers this age like to poke and prod the play dough. At around 18 months my toddler really became competent in using the rolling pin and the textured rolling pins are fabulous. We love the wooden stampers but find the play dough often sticks to them, so we use the soft grip stampers really often too - they make a great impression into the play dough. Other tools like a toddler fork, mini masher, crinkle cutter help develop fine motor skills and can be a lot of fun too. The wooden block ink stamps are so attractive, in animal shapes and flowers are really easy for the young child to use too. 

We store our play dough in the Oxo Pop containers as the toddler can use them independently from a really young age, and they are air tight. If the toddler is using a few tools or materials at a time I recommend using the play dough in a tray, it really helps to keep everything together and it also makes it easy for the toddler to move their work or to work on the floor. I also like to keep the tools and play dough in a cute little cardboard suitcase, they are adorable and the young toddler is often able to use the latch and carry the suitcase by the handle. 

It's also really important to me to change up the play dough, we often use seasonal colours and essential oils. Sometimes we will change the colours or oils depending on our moods and how we are feeling. Sometimes I will get a few out and let my toddler choose which one he would like to use. At the moment I have around seven different play doughs in storage to rotate, all different colours and scents/oils. During the school holidays I've also had my eleven year old make some play dough, it's a great practical life activity, a nice alternative to cooking for older children. 

Some of our favourite and most used play dough materials include:

  1. Play Dough Stampers - Soft Grip
  2. Crinkle Cutter
  3. Oxo Pop Container
  4. Mini Masher, Toddler Fork, Wooden Spatula
  5. Textured Rolling Pins
  6. Large Wooden Tray
  7. Coloured Jumbo Craft Sticks
  8. Play Dough Stampers - Wooden
  9. Cardboard Suitcase - with simple latch
  10. Coloured Matchsticks
  11. Wooden Block Ink Stamps
  12. Play Dough Set - with rolling cutters
  13. Toob Insects
  14. Toob Flowers
  15. Mini Diggers

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Please keep in mind that play dough can be a choking hazard and must be used under direct supervision. 

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