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Pattern Play - Material for Patterning for 3 years +

Otis with Pattern play at How we Montessori

I want to share with you this patterning game that Otis (8 yrs) absolutely loves. When it first arrived he played with it immediately and made four or five of the patterns straight away. It's really compelling, Caspar (11 yrs) enjoys some of the harder patterns too. It would be a wonderful gift to give at Christmas or at parties where you had friends or family over as everyone could have a turn.

Pattern Play comes with a tray of brightly coloured wooden blocks. The tray and the blocks could also be used independently for other block work. There are forty cards with patterns on them. The idea is the child (or adult) makes the pattern from the card with the blocks on the tray. There is a catch though. The patterns vary in difficulty and some lateral thinking is required!!

Otis with Pattern play at How we Montessori

The age recommendation is from three years, I would suggest perhaps from four years, but older children will get a lot out of it too. One reviewer reported that nine of the patterns couldn't be made - they can be made it just takes a little lateral thinking and problem solving! My children found pattern cards number 3, 8, 14, 21, 26, 32, 35, 38 challenging and while they both solved them, it really got them thinking. 

I'm loving Pattern Play for developing:

  • problem solving skills
  • patterning skills
  • coordination
  • concentration
  • lateral thinking
  • spatial awareness
  • perseverance
  • size and colour discrimination skills

Pattern Play is self correcting so children can use it independently. It is also suitable for a wide range of ages. I feel this is completely compatible with the Montessori principles, and would absolutely recommend it for the Montessori home environment. 

Otis with Pattern play at How we Montessori

The patterns are really lovely and my children had a sense of satisfaction after completing them. The tray is sturdy so it's easy to present on our shelves. I allow my children to select which card/pattern they want to make but for a younger child you could present this one the shelves with only one or two cards. This is such an attractive and engaging activity!! 

Otis with Pattern play at How we Montessori

There is no reason why it has to be done independently, this would be nice work for children to do in pairs or in a small group and is suitable for multi-age siblings.  

Pattern Play by Otis at How we Montessori

So pretty! Let me know if this is one of your favourites. 

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