Montessori Toddler - A Few New Activities
How we encourage Mark Making (on paper - not on the wall or table).

Beautiful (and Real) Montessori Baby and Toddler Rooms

Today I'm sharing some simply beautiful Montessori baby and toddler rooms. What makes them Montessori you ask? Let me explain!

Above I love how everything is at the child's level or at toddler height. This floor bed looks the same as ours and we love it. This space is cozy without being overbearing.

Toys and clothes accessible to a toddler - yes! This is the same as our wardrobe which has been perfect from around 18 months+. 

Isn't this lovely?!? Lots of room for the child to move (freedom of movement), a wall mirror to observe themselves and their environment, and some low shelves for the child to access or to aim towards once the infant starts moving/creeping/crawling. It also looks very loving and comforting.

The space and light in this room is amazing! I am totally envious of the hardwood floors. Again everything is at the child's/toddler height. Wall mirror, low bookshelves, low work shelves, comfortable floor rug, floor bed - this is close to my ideal infant/toddler room.

This space is just so cozy and welcoming but clean and ordered. Just what we want for a Montessori environment.

I love these very low book shelves! Again we see the wall mirror, low shelves and a comfortable movement mat/play rug. This space is functional, not just pretty to look at!!

I bookmarked this environment as I admire how they have combined a toddler and infant space. It is clear that one area is for the toddler and one area is for the infant while being able to see and hear each other. 

These low images are wonderful. You can see they give the child something to focus on but they also encourage the child to look up and start to strengthen the back and neck muscles, but at the child's pace. The tiger image also has lots of high contrast, all of these images are really beautiful!

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