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Favourite Etsy Finds - Handmade Materials I Am Loving!

Favourite Etsy Finds at How we Montessori

I order a lot of children's materials and clothes from Etsy. I love the products and I love the handmade touch. My most recent purchases include this toddler apron and this hedgehog tee! Here are a few other things that I'm loving:

  1. Cute Veggie T-Shirt 
  2. Montessori Mushroom Apron - this is adorable!!
  3. African Animal Matching Large Format for Toddlers - I love seeing these sets for order, not everyone has the time or desire to DIY.
  4. Field/Travel Flower Press - this one is in the US but it has inspired me to find one locally. Perfect for when we are out all day or when we want to press flowers straight away, this one is easy to use on-the-go!!
  5. Adorable Montessori Stereognostic/Mystery Bag with Paired Zoo Animals - with Giraffe Print.
  6. Matching Model to Card Antarctic Animals - with images of the animals in their natural habitat.
  7. Felt Finger Puppets - we love songs and finger play in our home and I am on the look out for some good finger puppets. The reviews say these are good and soft!
  8. Alphabet Board - the tray makes this movable alphabet a little different. I like the space on the bottom for placing the letters/forming the word.  
  9. Mindfulness Playdough - oh this is such a good reminder. This is lavender playdough which is fantastic for children who may need some calm at the end of the day, or at anytime!

Let me know if you've found anything fabulous on Etsy that you would recommend!

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