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Alba Montessori toddler wardrobe at How we Montessori discount

Yes, you can now find your very own Montessori Children's Wardrobe designed and made in the USA! The Alba Montessori Children's Wardrobe is a new release by Sprout and is now available for pre-order. 

I love Sprout because I love Clark and all that his company stands for. He does more consultation with families and teachers on the ground than any other company that I know of. Sprout is driven by a desire to help families. What could be more helpful than a children's wardrobe?

My only tip is not to overstock the wardrobe. Remember toddlers only need a few options! We want the toddler or young child to be able to maintain and look after the wardrobe and it's contents. This Montessori style of wardrobe has really helped my toddler with his independence and self dressing.

Two more things. The Alba comes with a few options. Feet or no feet. Finished or unfinished. It even comes in a wide option which I would seriously consider. The shelves and hanging rail are adjustable so it will grow with your child!! It also clicks together with no tools required for assembly except for a couple of screws to secure the hooks. 

Alba Montessori Wardrobe Sprout-2

With feet. 
Alba Montessori Wardrobe Sprout-2

No feet. 
Alba Montessori Wardrobe Sprout-2


Alba Montessori Wardrobe Sprout-2


Montessori wardrobe with doors at How we Montessori

With doors? (Doors are an extra add on).

Alba Montessori Wardrobe Sprout-2

It looks great with other Sprout furniture. Add a Floor BedLow Shelves and perhaps some Bookshelves and you have yourself a pretty cute Montessori bedroom!!

Alba Montessori Wardrobe Sprout-2

I love this drawer too! Fantastic for socks, tights, hats, gloves, slippers and, underwear or even a hair brush and small toys. There are also slide out drawers as an additional extra. We always have a low chair (or cube chair) in our toddler dressing area and this Stubby Stool looks like a good option. For a small school or playgroup the wardrobe would work well for dress-ups or even to store coats and shoes in an entryway. 

The Alba Montessori Children's Wardrobe is now available for preorder with delivery expected middle to late November 2019. Prices start at $180 USD. You can use the discount code HowWeMontessori for a 10% discount on your wardrobe and accessories.

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