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Montessori Sewing Ideas for the Home and Classroom - Toddler to Primary

Today I put together Otto's (25 months) first sewing tray. It's wonderful to see him use it. Before I made his sewing tray I looked for a few ideas and inspiration. Here are some fabulous ideas for toddlers to primary. 

Above is an adorable sewing kit from Etsy. The colour coordination is perfect. This set is designed for primary age children. Details here. I'm loving the handmade protective cases for the needles and scissors.

This set is by the same supplier. Again the colour coordination is lovely. Details here. These sets include buttons, beads, an assortment of sewing cards, Aida cloth and more.

This is a sewing on felt set. It has lots of little felt pieces, felt squares, pin cushion and yarn. 

This is a cute example of a free-style sewing activity. This is similar to what I have prepared for Otto. This set is from Etsy here. I find this is a good activity for young toddlers who have done a lot of threading but perhaps aren't readying for sewing cards. 

This is a wonderful activity but is best suited to a classroom or toddler group. It is a tapestry table where children and come and go and contribute to the tapestry. The child can actually move underneath the table to pull the needle and thread through, it is an example of big work and it involves lots of physical movement! It can also look really colourful and beautiful when finished. 

This is best suited from perhaps 3.5 to 4 years. Stitching prepared shapes. 

Homemade lacing cards. 

My children loved sewing felt shapes (think hearts and stars) so I've included this one as a reminder. In this classroom they put stuffing inside and make little pillows. You could add a touch of essential oil to the stuffing to make it smell good or even add dried lavender. 

This is the same classroom but with a Christmas theme.

If you click through to this teacher's account you can see lots of other examples sewing buttons, chicks, flowers, gingerbread people, pillows and so much more.

A sewing tray, because it's super cute and on theme. This is available without any accessories here

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