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I've been reading Block Play - The Complete Guide and I was super inspired to set up our very own 'block corner'. Since turning two Otto has really got into block play. Previously we had a few blocks in a basket on his work shelves or in a large tray and some outdoor blocks. But having this little block corner really prioritises block play. It also gives him space for large block play. Blocks are fantastic for building skills like coordination but also for developing concentration, focus, problem solving, spatial awareness, visual perception, creativity, child-led and independent play. Here are... Read more →

Montessori inspired tracing boards at so popular right now! They are not Montessori materials but rather inspired by the Montessori way of teaching. They are a tactile way for the child to learn to form letters. The child traces the letters with their finger or a stylus until they memorise the way it is formed, muscle memory develops. Much like how a child would use the sandpaper letters. While I understand the benefits of cursive some of the letters are hard to form. Both of my children struggled with learning cursive 's', 'f' and 'r'. These tracing boards would have... Read more →

Montessori maths looks a little different at home compared to what you may see in the classroom. At home, I aim to make maths a part of our everyday living and I aim to do it seamlessly and effortlessly! At home with my toddler I want to build mathematical vocabulary and mathematical literacy. Maths is everywhere around us. We don't need to teach it to our children as much as we need to provide them the opportunities to explore math concepts themselves. We also can't discount the learning that happens during open-ended play, Otto pushes his tractor fast down a... Read more →

"Mark making helps young children make sense of their world, and express their thinking to others. The patterns of marks that you can observe can help you to understand their thought, even before they can express what they mean." - The Ultimate Guide to Mark Making In The Early Years. I've mentioned previously how I believe that toddler mark making is important. It's learning, it's expression, it's creativity, it's communication. Mark making and scribbling is something that needs to be allowed, nurtured and encouraged in these early years. My children including our toddler have free access to pencils, crayons, paint... Read more →

Beautiful (and Real) Montessori Baby and Toddler Rooms

Today I'm sharing some simply beautiful Montessori baby and toddler rooms. What makes them Montessori you ask? Let me explain! Above I love how everything is at the child's level or at toddler height. This floor bed looks the same as ours and we love it. This space is cozy without being overbearing. Toys and clothes accessible to a toddler - yes! This is the same as our wardrobe which has been perfect from around 18 months+. Isn't this lovely?!? Lots of room for the child to move (freedom of movement), a wall mirror to observe themselves and their environment,... Read more →

A few new activities, at 24 months. Above is a sock matching game. At first, I was disappointed thinking it might have been better to just match with real socks, but there are eighteen pairs in this set and Otto loves it and does it over and over. This is a junior Colorino game. I was getting ready to donate it when Otto started playing with it again. I take a couple of the clear bases and a small bag of dots with us when I take Otto to a workout class. He simply enjoys connecting the dots to the... Read more →

Stereognosis - the ability to perceive and recognise the form of an object in the absence of visual and auditory information, by using tactile information to provide cues from texture, size, spatial properties, and temperature, etc. The Mystery Bag (3-6 years) from How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way; The mystery bag has long been a favourite children's activity. Usually it is simply a cloth bag or box with a hole for your child's hands, through which she can touch and manipulate objects that she cannot see. To play you will need a collection of small object with... Read more →

Montessori Transferring Set at Manine Montessori Transferring work is a great toddler and preschooler activity for coordination, concentration and for building arm, hand and finger strength. It can work really well for children in the Transporting or Positioning Schemas. The best place to look for transferring ideas is in your kitchen drawer, you may have a lot of suitable materials already. I like to have lots of different tools on hand so that I can rotate our transferring materials to keep the child's interest. Different transferring tools or even similar materials in different sizes can influence how your child uses... Read more →