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How we Montessori Blocks November 2019 toddler plus

Blocks are fantastic open ended materials. They are investment pieces that can last a lifetime. Many blocks will appeal to a wide range of children starting from toddlerhood. Our block corner is one of the most popular areas of our home, especially during play dates.

Today I'm sharing the blocks that we are currently using. The larger blocks are kept in our block corner but some of the smaller sets are in baskets on shelves in our play area or in our children's bedrooms.

1. Grimm's Coloured Rainbow Geo-Blocks Classic Wooden Set - 30 pieces. This is one of my all time favourite block sets and perhaps the one we've had the longest. They are typical of Grimm's high quality and are beautiful in colour and texture.

2. Matador Baby Architect Wooden Puzzle - 10 pieces. These don't really click together but they connect and the number is just right for a sitting infant/toddler learning how to stack and build. 

3. Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set - this is the 14 piece tints set. Every time I write about blocks I get recommendations for Tegu. So we finally gave them a try. They are excellent blocks and fantastic for travelling. I don't put these out on our shelves but keep them in a little bag for going out, eating out, taking Otto to a work out class or to his brother's judo classes. They are great quality and I will keep them, including the smaller travel sets in mind for gifts for my nephews. I have the larger set on my wish-list for Christmas. I would wait until around 2 years+ for these as younger toddlers could get frustrated with the magnetic/non-magnetic sides. 

4. TickiT Rainbow Bricks - 36 pieces. These are much larger than they look. My toddler can use these to build buildings much taller than himself. They are so colourful and a great addition to our block corner. They also look beautiful and colourful when the sun shines through them. This set also looks good, with smaller blocks and more shapes.

5. Tree Blocks - We love tree blocks, we often have a smaller set with thinner branch pieces inside and a larger set including planks for outside. We have various sets from Muddy Faces (UK). Pictured is the Tree Blocks 36 piece set

6. Mini Hollow Blocks - I love these for big work. They are fantastic for constructing buildings and fences. Our set has large squares which make good houses and my toddler likes to put animals in them and made a farm. We have the TTS Mini Hollow Block Set. Pictured is a similar set by ECR4Kids.

7. Lakeshore Learning Slide and Build Hollow Blocks and Connectors - for some construction work that is a little different, while my toddler will use these they are best suited to slightly older children. Our set is from TTS (UK).

8. Tumi Ishi Balancing Wooden Stones - we have the big size. They are a nice alternative to standard stacking blocks, recommended for children who like stacking and balancing things! Excellent for the child's developing concentration and hand eye coordination.

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