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Puzzles are a big part of my toddler's work right now. Yes, he likes to play outside or tear around the house on his wheely bug or trike but he also has moments of concentrated work and a lot of that time is spent doing puzzles. He loves wooden peg puzzles but also the two and four piece jigsaw puzzles. These are the puzzles that he is using at 26 months, that we are rotating. Some of these he has been using for a few months and has mastered, while others are newish and are more of a challenge. Some are really easy (like the circle sorter) but because my toddler still uses them with lots of repetition we leave them out!

Jigsaw puzzles:

1. First Wooden Jigsaw

2. Simple Wooden Jigsaws - Animals (2,3 and 4 piece puzzles) (UK)

Two and Four Piece Jigsaw Puzzles - you can see the ones we use here


Simple shape puzzles:

3. Simple Shapes Puzzle (Feel A Pair)

4. Find and Fit Shapes - this one is hard to find but I'm still including it because my toddler is crazy about it and you may see one second hand or find one similar. 


Peg puzzles:

5. Large Peg Wooden Puzzle - Farm Animals

6. Large Peg Wooden Puzzle - Vegetables

7. Large Peg Wooden Puzzle - Fruit

8. Large Peg Wooden Puzzle - Garden Tools


Size discrimination puzzles:

9. Circle Sorter

10. Three Bears Puzzle

11. Four Elephants Puzzle

Puzzles at two years at How we Montessori  26 months

As well as being great for developing coordination, I love using puzzles to teach problem solving skills and persistence. I often see my toddler overcoming his frustration with a puzzle and there is that fantastic look of satisfaction once it is completed!

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