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Real Montessori Bedrooms To Love!

Real Montessori Bedrooms to Love at How we Montessori Baby to Toddler

Today I'm sharing some real Montessori bedrooms. You can see they have been put together with care and respect. While this style of bedroom is the norm for families like mine, they are very different from your typical nursery or toddler bedroom. It's nice to highlight them and share them with other interested families. 

This room has been designed for a 10 month old. I love that the picture has been taken from an infant's perspective. A crawling and sitting child can reach the toys, materials and books!

This space now has a floor bed too which you can see here

This room has lots of colour, texture and life! This furniture is handmade, it's gorgeous. 

This room is really simple and clean, free from clutter but still with enough books and toys/materials for the young child. 

I almost love small space bedrooms more than larger ones. Cozy, comforting, warm, soft and secure.

This isn't necessarily a Montessori bedroom but I love how they have styled the bedroom and floor bed. Toddler bedrooms including floor beds can be styled like the rest of the home and they can be textured, cozy and beautiful.

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