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Real Montessori Homes: Children's Kitchen & Snack Areas

Real Montessori kitchen  and snack area from around the world at How we Montessori

Today I want to share some Montessori kitchens and snack areas from homes around the world. I want to show you what is possible and perhaps give you some ideas for your own home. Montessori looks different in every home and a Montessori inspired kitchen or snack area is achievable for all. Let's have a closer look!

Above is a kitchen/snack area from a very beautiful home, be sure to click through and see some of their other children's spaces. They have utilised the Ikea shelving well, keeping it ordered. There is only one item or one group/theme of items in each section. The shelving also provides a large surface for lots of food prep or simply laying out ingredients or equipment and utensils. The little carpet/mat, the flowers and little plant are the small touches that make this space feel special. 

This makes my heart sing. I have three children and they eat a lot of food. I'd love a big snack trolley like this. You can see inside the kitchen/cabinet doors here. This account has lots of good preschooler age type of activities. 

This is from a home in Malaysia. Positioning the low table, little kitchen and the cleaning stand together is a great idea, really functional!

Luci is in Romania and is a Montessori teacher, so she knows what she is doing! I love looking at the little details and to see what exact items are on her shelves. This is so ordered and easy for the toddler to use. She only has two or three utensils or plates out, it's all a toddler needs. 

This is a good repair job, no need to buy new when you can make do! Click for the before and after. Kindling Kids is a good account to follow for all types of Montessori ideas.

I can't tell you how much I love and appreciate this kitchen! Yes, you can do Montessori at home with your children using just one cupboard!! Can the children reach their cups? Yes! Can the children pour their own cereal? Yes! Can the children in this home develop independence and autonomy? Yes!

This is from a home in Estonia. Isn't it lovely? I am not sure if the colour coding is intentional but I like it! Two cups, one fork and one spoon. Cleaning cloth ready to go. Lots of work space. Simple and easy to use hooks for the mop, broom, and dustpan/brush. Perfection!

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