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Real Montessori Rooms - November!


The most amazing Montessori homes I've seen don't belong to bloggers or influencers. They belong to busy parents who create lovely spaces without any fanfare. Today I'm sharing some of these spaces. I find all of these rooms really refreshing, I'm not going to add much commentary other than to say I hope you enjoy these and feel somewhat inspired to bring a little Montessori into your home!

This is such a sweet space. There is a lot in this small area - floor bed, toys and a few books. 

This space is really calm and serene. 

Valentina does such a wonderful job, every room of her house is gorgeous. ❤️

Make sure you click through to see the rest of the room, it's lovely.

Love the rainbow rug and the pops of colour. 

"Most of the rooms we are used to seeing around us, in magazines or on the internet, are rooms that are arranged for the comfort of the parents. We often find a crib, a wardrobe and a dresser and sometimes a toy box. Everything is clean, practical and nothing exceeds. A baby needs to move and move freely. He needs to explore his environment and have access to his toys freely. He also needs to be able to take his clothes alone to participate in his own clothing." YES!!  

A Montessori bedroom for twins!

This space for an infant is so so sweet. Gobbi, wall mirror, movement area., sweet little rattles on the tray.

A fantastic DIY for a toddler size clothes hanger! These low windows are perfect!

An adorable entryway for a 15 month old and a three year old.

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