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What's New At Ikea: For A Montessori Home - Christmas Edition

What's new at Ikea for a Montessori Home Christmas Edition 2019

My heart skips a beat when I walk into Ikea and see there is new stock out! Here are a few new products that I am loving that may be suitable for a Montessori home, perhaps a few for the classroom too. All of these are new to me however, stock can vary country to country!

  1. HYACINTHUS Potted plant bulb (UK) - these are so, so lovely to have inside during the colder months. They look stunning once flowering and it's magical for the children to watch. This is an amazing price too. 
  2. VINTERFEST Star dish in red - and white. Perhaps for little trinkets or small transferring work, for displaying arts and crafts materials like paper for gluing, or buttons for sewing. 
  3. GODTAGBAR Vases - this whole range is lovely!  
  4. PICEA GLAUCA CONICA Potted plant (UK) - a small (13cm) live tree for decorating.
  5. VINTERFEST Patterned tray - a perfect festive tray for all sorts of practical life work. This large round tray in red is lovely too! 
  6. VÄRMER Tray - this is large at 18"x18" and is a beautiful, unusual organic shape, useful for lots of practical life works and display, perhaps for a nature display or for sharing snacks. 
  7. VINTERFEST Round tins - and mixed set tins
  8. KRALLIG White seagrass basket (UK) - we have so many baskets like this. Useful to put plants in, for blocks, toy cars or other toys with lots of pieces. 
  9. MALLGRODA Box with lid - good looking storage, perhaps for puzzle pieces, as a sewing box, has lots of potential!
  10. VINTERFEST Children's Apron - this one has a 'touch and go' fastening so the child can do it up themselves, for ages 3yrs+. So festive!!
  11. VINTERFEST Children's hat - to match with the apron. 
  12. VINTERFEST Decorations Stand (UK) - with decorations. Isn't this an excellent idea for toddlers who love to take decorations on and off the tree, put this at their level and let them decorate and deconstruct as many times as they like. Love it!!
  13. VÄRMER Spinning tops - a set of three, good for building fine motor skills and finger strength. Perhaps for older children as stocking stuffers. 
  14. VINTER Gift boxes - set of three. For gifts but also good for organising little bits and pieces. Perhaps for puzzle pieces, paper snippings, stamps and so much more. 
  15. VINTERFEST Children's Apron Red - this has a closure on the shoulder and is super cute!!
  16. BROGRUND Bathroom set - I've included this as the soap dispenser has a nice and wide base, this may make it more stable and easier for young children to use. 
  17. VÄRMER Pastry cutters - includes coffee pot, snowflake, man, mouse, fairy and tree or these snowflake cookie cutters.
  18. SOLGUL Wall Shelf (UK) - hang at the child's height as a good option for displaying two or three clothing options. 
  19. RÖDHAKE Quilted blanket - this could work well as a little play mat in the infant's movement area or for free movement around the house or when out visiting. 
  20. DUKTIG Children's Kitchen (UK) - now in turquoise. 
  21. SÖSDALA Memo board with clips - my eight year-old would love this, perfect for organisation in older children's spaces.
  22. VINTERFEST Serving stand white with two tiers - or a black one with three tiers. I've seen some fantastic storage ideas for pens, pencils, paints, tapes, crayons and other arts materials using these types of serving stands. 
  23. RESGODS Bed bamboo tray - this is a new bed tray but my children love to use these to work on the floor, for drawing or doing puzzles on a flat hard surface while still being able to sit on the floor/carpet/rug and move about. Rather than a small table it's also easy to move. 
  24. NORDISKA Open wardrobe - bamboo with sliding door. This is not a budget option but it could work well and look lovely in a child's space.

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