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A Different Kind of Block Set - Lovevery

Otto 27 months with Lovevery Blocks at How we Montessori christmas 2019

Our most played with toy on Christmas day was the Lovevery block set! The blocks are so colourful and modern, they are versatile and fun!! Otto just kept on going back to them. I want to share this block set with you as it is a little out of the ordinary and significant in terms of learning to follow and support your child's development.

"We went into more than a hundred families’ homes and discovered that classic blocks were not a staple for many. Bricks and other block alternatives had pushed blocks aside. We knew we had to do something, because blocks are universally recognized by educators as offering crucial lessons in physics, engineering, science, math, and open-ended imaginative play that other products simply don’t. Blocks are the original STEM toy!” said Lovevery co-founder and CEO, Jessica Rolph. “We set out to give families a more inventive, more adaptable block set because blocks have so much meaning for early childhood development. We tested this set with hundreds of families and saw first-hand that kids of all ages love it.”

The blocks have been designed to include over 20 stage-based activities. Yes twenty! That is because at different stages children will enjoy and developmentally need to explore the blocks in different ways. The blocks come with a guide that help parents like me, understand how to get the most out of the set with a ton of ideas and explanations. That's important, I want to know what I can do to support my child. The guide includes 20 activities to do with the blocks, approximate age ranges and prompts. It's so much more than what I've ever seen in other block sets. 

Otto 27 months with Lovevery Blocks at How we Montessori christmas 2019

For example right now my toddler (at 27 months) is all about building a single tower (Building Upward) as high as he can until it falls over, and building it up again until it falls over, over and over. He's also into threading. He's also into transporting (hello transporting schema), he will transport his blocks (and people) in the block cart, not around the house but often back and forth from one play spot to another.

Another child may like to sort the blocks by colour or use them in the shape sorter, or roll them down the ramp. Otto at a later stage may like to use the wooden people and blocks for role play or to build a house, or a castle, he might like to stack the planks and knock them over like dominoes or use them to spell out his name. This set of blocks are designed to last, and to assist you, to follow the child. 

Lovevery Blocks at How we Montessori Otto Christmas Morning threading blocks

The planks could also be used for posting activities - cut a hole into a box or carton for the child to 'post' the planks into. Blocks are fantastic for counting and colour recognition activities, they could be used in a discovery basket. The wooden storage box could be used as a dolls house for the wooden people or even as a stage! The options are endless and this set is bursting with potential.

Otto 27 months threading blocks by Lovevery at how we Montessori toddler blocks

Threading!! While my other children open up their presents Otto continues to play with his blocks! 

Lovevery Blocks at How we Montessori 2019

These colours 😍.

Otto using Lovevery blocks at How we Montessori 27 months most used Christmas toy

The block set comes with an organic cotton drawstring bag, which is perfect for taking the blocks out and about or for packing them away at home. The block set is tested and approved for use by children ages 18 months and older. 

Lovevery Blocks at How we Montessori 2019

I've only shown a snapshot of the blocks, further details can be found here and at Lovevery here

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