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When selecting gifts for children we like to make an activity kit or bag with a few items that the child can use and play with. We think about the child's interests and choose a theme. These activity kits feel a little more personalised than giving a toy alone and they feel a little more put together. Hopefully the children find them fun and useful!

Here are some of our gift ideas for our friends and family. Most of these ideas can be adapted to other themes depending on the interests of the children. We will wrap the individual items inside the bag (most kids love the unwrapping process), but will give the entire gift in the drawstring bag as it keeps everything together and overall reduces wastage.

If you are stuck for ideas for a specific child, leave a comment and see what we can think of together! The ideas here are important not necessarily the exact items. We want an activity bag that is age and developmentally appropriate, that supports or furthers an interest and that is attractive to the child! 


1. Kitchen Kit:

Or try: small wooden spoon, child sized apron and/or your favourite child friendly recipe!


2. Dinosaur Kit:


3. Insect/Bug Kit:


4. Finger Knitting Kit:

Or try: a wooden knitting fork or weaving loom.


5. Painting Kit:

  • Watercolour Paint Blocks and Palette 
  • Chunky Children's Paint Brushes 
  • A5 Artist Sketchbook

Or try: Paint Sticks.


6. Playdough Kit:

Or try: alphabet stamps, cookie cutters. 


7. Art Kit:

Or try: stickers, pencils, crayon rocks. 


8. Nature/Scavenger Hunt Kit:

Or try: child size binoculars or DIY scavenger kit.


9. Butterfly Lifecycle Kit:

Or try: Tadpole to Frog book and Model Life Cycle of a Frog


There are also a lot of small gift ideas in my post Travel Bags for Montessori Toddlers - Screen Free Options for travelling or eating out. I also recommend the Magnetic Create-A-Scene sets, they are much larger than I had expected, they come in so many themes it's easy to find one to suit the child and they are at a great price point for friend gifts!!

The bags we have used here are drawstring cotton bags at 25cm x 30cm. A good size for most books and small toys and are strong enough to be reused many times. 

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