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MiniMe Design Montessori Bedroom #1

Image: Minime Design

What is your favourite part of Montessori parenting or teaching? Of course I love working and spending time with my children but I also enjoy designing Montessori inspired spaces. Over the last few years I've dabbled with helping friends work out some of their spaces. But in the new year I hope to do a lot more of it!! I can see the impact good Montessori design can have on children and their ability to move, to learn and, to create. If you are in Sydney need help putting together your child/ren's spaces in 2020 let me know! 

Are you looking for some design inspiration? This room pictured above and below is by  Minime Design.  

MiniMe Montessori Bedroom

Image: Minime Design

Amazing is an understatement. The shelving, storage, work table, wardrobe is all at the child's height. It is natural and calming. There is a lot of room for books and toys. You can see neat little labels for clothes on the wardrobe and also on the baskets for the toys!! This room promotes autonomy, movement, order, rest and creativity.

Bean Buro Montessori Hong Kong

Image: Bean Buro

This is inside a Montessori-friendly family home in Hong Kong. "The challenge was to create a space that implemented Montessori principles – a learning environ­ment that is ‘spacious, open, tidy and pleasing in appearance’." - Post Magazine. I wish you could see more of the child's spaces here but I'm inspired that Montessori thinking has been applied throughout this home.

Pretty Nice Montessori Bedroom

Image: pretty nice

This room has all sorts of nice touches. The blue and neutral colours are lovely. This room looks comforting, cozy and warm. Many of our rooms tend to look a little 'cold' so I'm bookmarking this for reference. I'm currently reading, and really enjoying, The Little Book of Colour so perhaps there will be more thought towards colour going forwards. 


Image: VMDPE Designs

Another neutral but wonderfully creative space. This is a Montessori Kindergarten in Shenzhen, China. "The entire building has been child-scaled, whether it is stairs, handrails, doors, windows, etc., everything has been scaled to fulfill children’s needs, to make them feel safe and restraint-free. Soft rubber floors have been installed on selected indoor locations to allow children to exercise their sense of balance. There are also a few small slopes inside the kindergarten that allow the children’s sensory integration to develop comprehensively while they are active." - Architecture Art Designs

Please tag me or leave a link if you have seen any new 'wow' Montessori home or school spaces!!

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