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Christmas play dough at How we montessori Otto 27 months

Play dough is one thing that is guaranteed to keep my toddler (27 months) happy for a very long time. He may use his play dough tray anywhere from five minutes to an hour and five minutes. It's lovely. But I need to remember to rotate the play dough and some of the materials every so often. We recently removed our Autumn themed play dough and put in some Christmas themed dough and materials. I make notes as I see new ideas and I thought I would share some of the notes I made in preparation for our Christmas play dough tray!


  • Red
  • Green 
  • White
  • Candy Cane Swirl - red and white
  • Add Bio-glitter for sparkle or to add gold or silver!

Christmas Play dough tray at How we Montessori

Loose parts:

Christmas Play dough tray at How we Montessori

Kid Safe Essential Oils (not for ingestion):

Christmas Play dough tray at How we Montessori

I am careful about not making play dough that smells like food (like gingerbread play dough). So this is something to keep in mind. My toddler doesn't put toys and materials in his mouth but always be careful with the loose parts that you select and I aways directly supervise my toddler with play dough.

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