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Toddler Friendly Christmas Trees!!!


A toddler-friendly Christmas tree? Is it possible? There are a few options that are toddler-friendly and depending on your decor and your child, you may be able to find one that fits your family. 

In the past, we've decorated our main tree very lightly with toddler safe decorations but toddlers looooove to take things on and off. Christmas trees look pretty and it's hard for toddlers to resist. While I can't guarantee your toddler will leave your main tree alone, here are a few options that allow for hands-on play, repetition (= concentration) and ownership for the toddler. 

I've read about toddler felt Christmas trees before and now we've tried it I am completely converted, my toddler is obsessed and absolutely loves it. It was easy to set up, it's colourful and very Christmassy. 


My toddler (26 months) can take down and put up the decorations as much as he likes! I recommend not opening it in front of your children. Our tree (and star) needed a good iron and looked perfect once ironed. I have used velcro command tabs to secure it to our wall. I also put the ornaments in a basket so the children can take them down if they like and still keep the area ordered and tidy (a place for everything).


What if your child really likes to hang things? How about a mini Christmas tree like a counter-top style that the child/ren are allowed to decorate themselves? We are using the Ikea Vinterfest Decoration Stand and I think it's a fabulous idea!! There are lots of jewellery trees and even mug trees that could work as well! Make sure all of the decorations are toddler-friendly/safe too. Here are a few other toddler-friendly tree options that have caught my eye:


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