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Our Picks for *Educational* Bath Toys + Household Items to Use in the Bath

Boon bath pipes at How we Montessori educational bath toys for toddlers

I don't like a lot of toys in the bath. It drives me crazy when I have to move them or clean them up. We usually only have a couple of toys out at a time. But I find bath toys almost essential. They are so, so useful. We have a couple of toys in the children's bath but now I also have a few toys in our ensuite shower. Our shower is large (it's the size of a double) so it's easy for me to keep out a few things for my toddler (2yrs) to play with. Our usual toys (water wheel, model animals) are still in transit so we are trying out a few new things. Here are some educational and fun water and bath toys that we are loving and a few household items that can be fun in the bath (or shower) too.  Many of these are also suitable to use for water play at the sink or at a water table.

We currently have in our bath/shower:

  • Boon Building Bath Pipes - my toddler loves pouring water through these these and it was great once he learnt how to reposition them too. I recommend having some beakers or a small bucket/cup/jug to collect and pour the water into the pipes.
  • Boon Cogs - as many reviewers say these aren't great as 'water' cogs but they are fantastic for children to learn about cogs and gears. I've looked at many cog type toys and these are the best I've found. The child can spin them and play and reposition them.
  • Graduated Set of Beakers - these are plastic so they are suitable for use in the shower or bath but also have quantity markings on them so older children can use them for science or for measuring, they are also good for colour mixing. Our beakers measure 50ml, 100ml , 250ml , 500ml and 1000ml.
  • Green Toys Submarine - this is best in the bath (or at the beach) and it's good for role play. 

We usually have in our bath/shower:

  • Water Wheel - this can be used with sand too. It needs somewhere to sit so the bath needs to be shallow or use in the shower. 
  • Model Sea Animals - whales, sharks, dolphins, fish.
  • Wooden Toy Boats

Household materials we love to use in the bath:

  • Measuring Cups
  • Small Watering Can
  • Small Whisk
  • Small Ladle
  • Large Baster (plastic)
  • Sponge/s
  • Small Bucket
  • A Recycled Container - with holes punched in. Find and clean and old yoghurt container or similar and punch some holes (safely with a skewer or nail) in the bottom for water to drain through, use like a sieve.
  • Empty Bottles - clean recycled bottle from the kitchen can be fun for pouring or transferring.
  • Little Spray Bottle
  • Colour Window Shapes - ours work on the shower screen but may also work on tiles.  
  • Pipettes/Droppers
  • Funnel
  • Hand/Toy Water Pump
  • Graduated Cylinder Set

Boon bath pipes at How we Montessori educational bath toys for toddlers

I've seen a few bath puzzles (that you use on the tiles) but none that I've liked enough to try. I think it's a great concept, please leave me a link if you've found some that work for you.

Boon bath pipes at How we Montessori educational bath toys for toddlers

Previous relevant article - Awesome Educational Bath Toys! Please always be mindful of water usage. Otto usually plays here while I shower, we don't leave the water running for him to play. 

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