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Little Ginger Art Studio at how we Montessori Otto 2 years old process art (3)

How was your week? Busy? The sun has been shining here in Sydney and it's been nice and warm. The birds are all out and we have been exploring our new neighbourhood. This week we found a nature reserve so close to home the children can bike there. Here are five things that we enjoyed this week:

1. On Monday I took Otto to his first art class. The class is based on process art and it was fantastic! I've shown some more images here. It can be difficult to find the right classes for your toddler near to your home. We don't want to be stuck in city traffic but we want a class that suits our Montessori way of thinking. Luckily this art class was a perfect fit. 

Nature exploration tray with mirrors at How we Montessori

2. A nature exploration tray with mirrors. Perhaps more of a Reggio concept it's interesting to observe the impact of mirror in the toddler's space. I am also loving all the Banksia seed pods around our home. The seed pods and gum nuts around here are amazing. (Our Folding Mirror Set is c/o MTA).

Otto using crazy pipettes at How we Montessori

3. Colour mixing with twisty droppers. I presented these twisty droppers to Otto a couple of weeks ago and couldn't use them. He used smaller pipettes and a large baster back in the UK, so he knew how they worked. I left the twisty droppers out on our water table and today with some coloured water he got it. We can give demonstrations but in the end the child needs free, uninterrupted time by themselves to play and explore. (Our Twisty Droppers are c/o MTA).

The Fact Detectices Kinderling Radio at How we Montessori (2)

4. This is a great find. We have been listening to Kinderling Radio and discovered The Fact Detectives. Today we listened to the Sea Spider episode. I loved it so much. It's factual, it's scientific, it's educational. The episodes are less than ten minutes long and are presented in collaboration with Museums Victoria. I'd suggest they are best suited to preschoolers and early primary but as an adult I still learn a lot! They use real scientific words and for this it's great for toddlers too for language development. Today's episode included mentions of the 'proboscis', 'abdomen', 'digestive tract' and 'ovigerous legs' (I had to look that one up!). It's fantastic and I adore it! Give it a listen

A must read  lunch lady Australia)

5. Do all parents read Lunch Lady? It's a great mix of opinion pieces that are free from judgement, healthy recipes and is an all-round feel-good read. Lunch Lady also publish articles on their blog here.

A few other things I've enjoyed this week:

  • I love this invitation - making shapes with loose parts. I'm going to set something similar up for Otto with a few loose parts from nature.
  • If you don''t have a green thumb but love indoor plants check out the Sustee watering indicators. These work well in children's areas and could work in the classroom! They are good for my big kids too so they don't over water the plants, it really teaches them how much water the plants need.
  • I've just ordered Visual Galaxy: The Ultimate Guide to the Milky Way and Beyond for Otis (8yrs). He always has lots of questions about the Milky Way, I think he is going to love it, the photography looks amazing.
  • We miss our UK Forest School but I've been feeling inspired by this Australian forest school blog.  

I hope you have a great weekend!! 

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