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Montessori Toddler Spaces to Love!

Montessori toddler spaces to love  Feb 2020

Want to see some really lovely Montessori toddler spaces? These are all such good examples of a little space in the home (and one community) set aside for the toddler's toys and materials. 

I love the format of these shelves. This is an adorable version of the Sprout Luce Shelves. These would be super useful if you had a crawling or pull-to-standing infant. These shelves really do grow with the child. The rug is really cute too!

This is from a toddler community in Chicago. It is a great account to follow especially for Montessori toddler teachers. The space is wonderful but you also get a warm feeling of being welcomed and embraced. It's not cookie cutter and you feel that, they have lots of unique pieces. 

I love the little unique touches here. 

This is a great use of a corner area. A play mat/rug, low shelves and a small bookshelf. Simple and thoughtful!

The reason I'm showing this space is because although they have a lot of toys and materials out they have displayed them incredibly well. They have also utilised the sides of the shelf which I will keep in mind. Everything is an appropriate baskets or trays and there is just enough space in between the baskets and trays for little toddler hands to get in. I also love this selection of toys, some open ended, some fine motor.

A great use of space. Again everything is displayed really well with a nice gap in between the materials.  

If you like a neutral palette this is for you. While not specifically Montessori, this area is so well organised, it's satisfying to look at.

This space is has a good, simple range of toys and materials. It also shows how a toddler space can add beauty to the room, this toddler area is unobtrusive and adds a nice element to the room, it isn't burdensome, it fits in naturally. 

I'm not focussing on toddler spaces in our home today. Right now I'm creating an almost teenager space for my twelve year old and a room for Otis who is eight. Both are getting new desks and it' not been easy finding something suitable that they love. Let me know if you would be interested in seeing their spaces once finished.

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