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My Trip to Lovevery HQ - why it matters and what I learnt!

Otto  using Lovevery peg board at How we Montessori

There are some brands that you can just trust. There are brands that I feel very well aligned with and these are the ones I seek out over and over. When I opened our first Lovevery box I loved everything inside it. When I looked closely I could see that their stage-based approach was spot on and it closely mimicked what I had done with my children, from cute black and white cards, small rattles, to interlocking discs and play socks. It was everything I was looking for.

I've been sharing my experience with Lovevery for a while but recently something changed. A couple of weeks ago I travelled to Boise, Idaho to visit Lovevery HQ (my first time in the US!!). I was able to spend some time with different areas of the Lovevery team to see how their toys and materials are made from design to production.  

Lovevery doesn't claim to be Montessori but one of the first people I met with was Jody Malterre. Jody is an experienced Montessorian and Positive Discipline Trainer. She has been working with Lovevery from the start. I've met many Montessori teachers and Jody is among the best, she is crazy passionate (it's a Montessori thing) and dedicated to sharing Montessori principles. Most of the team members are parents (or are expecting) and all have a strong grasp of respectful, child-led learning and early childhood development. They all get it!! From graphic designers, industrial designers, to marketing and PR, this is a strong, well led company that understands children. 

Kylie from How we Montessori and Jess Co-founder of Lovevery at Lovevery HQ Boise 2020

I had so much fun on my trip. I'm totally envious of Amanda, who spends her days travelling and visiting various (Reggio, Waldorf to Montessori) classrooms (playgroups and other toddler communities) and homes so that she can observe children of different ages in different settings. She also helps to identify the needs of every day parents like you and me. I looovved working with the design teams. It was amazing to see how I can share an idea and how they can bring it to life with drawings and sketches. It was so interesting to see and hold (and 'play' with) with some of their prototypes. 

I spent time with Lovevery Co-founder Jessica who is one of the smartest people I know (you need to follow her here). Jessica shared some of the new products they will be releasing later this year and I know you will love them - guaranteed. So stay tuned and follow Lovevery. The only hints I can give is that there are a few exciting practical life elements and keep your eyes open if you have a two (or soon-to-be two) year old. 

What makes Lovevery different? They take an innovative, modern and fresh approach to stage-based learning. Not only do they spend time observing children in the home and educational settings, they consult with many, many parents and teachers (Montessori and others) of children of all ages, they base their products on research from leading occupational therapists and neuroscientists. The whole Lovevery package (Instagram/Blog/Play Gym/Play Kits/Play Guides) help us to understand our child's play!! It's scientific, it's practical and it works. 

Kylie from How we Montessori at Lovevery HQ Boise with Co-founder Jessica

How amazing to see all the Play Kits out at once! Thank you so much to Jessica, Rod and the entire Lovevery team for making me feel so welcome!

If you have any questions about Lovevery especially from a Montessori-at-home perspective, please feel free to ask! 

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