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Five Things - I've Enjoyed This Week

Montessori toddler outside finger painting on mirror tray

Today I'm sharing five things that I've enjoyed this week. Some of these are small moments but these are the things I treasure and want to make note of.

We have been doing so much work, play and exploring outdoors. When living in the UK I kept a tally of how many hours we spent outdoors but here in Australia I don't need to, it's just not an issue. We are outdoors almost all day. Otis also walks to school so we are spending a lot less time in the car. This spot underneath a Eucalyptus tree is lovely and it's a perfect spot for using mirrors, or here a Mirror Sensory Tray (c/o MTA) for finger painting.  

Otis makes focaccia at How we Montessori

Ok, so this is not play but it still provides a lovely sensory experience. Otis (8yrs) loves baking and he is currently experimenting making different types of bread. This Focaccia dough was so light and fluffy. I have some pictures here of it after baking.

Plant nursery at How we Montessori

My favourite part of the week. A visit to the plant nursery makes everyone happy!! 💚All of my children picked out new plants for their rooms.

Toddler water colour paints at How we Montessori Otto 2 years (2)

I've read so many times in my Montessori books to give children the real names of things. Not flower but sunflower, not bird but lorikeet. Why not do the same with colours. After all green doesn't really describe all the variations of green, or blue, or orange or pink. Turquoise is a real colour, it's not blue and it's not green. So I've labelled our water colour paints with their real names so that I can remember and give them to my children. This is lovely language work too, I love the words cyan, magenta, scarlet, vermilion, and chartreuse. I've not heard of chartreuse before and I've just found that it is half green and half yellow.

What I'm Reading at How we Montessori

The older my children get the more important it feels that they are educated on money and finance. But I'm ill equipped and I'm not confident talking to them about it. Hopefully these books will help me out. I'm planning to write a follow-up post on which book was most helpful and what I learnt. Smart Money Smart Kids, The Opposite of Spoiled and Make Your Kid A Money Genius.

We have a super busy week planned. Our sea freight from the UK arrives on Tuesday and we could not be more excited to be reunited with all of our things. Caspar (12yrs) has school camp which always makes me feel nervous. This week I'm also absolutely thrilled to be visiting Peta's (Montessori/RIE inspired) toddler group with Otto. I will give you a bit of a peek, hopefully I can get a few pictures! I hope you have a wonderful week!

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