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Five Things - I've Enjoyed This Week

How we Montessori playdough seaside theme two year old toddler (2)

Wow! What a week! Today I want to share five things that have brought me joy, a little spark of happiness in recent days. 

1. A Sea Themed Playdough Tray. I'm encouraging Otto to mix the colours but so far he likes to keep them separate. Here we have some model animals, shells, starfish, seaside stamps and green and blue playdough.

Magpie Story Basket at How we Montessori toddler (2)

2. A Story Basket for Reading Outside.  We are taking so much of our learning outside in the shade. This magpie is so loveable and is perfect for cuddling while reading a story.

How we Montessori Toddler Geoboard two year old

3. A Toddler Geoboard. Otto has only just been able to use this. He actually gets so frustrated with it he can throw it. I considered taking it away but I also noticed the joy and satisfaction he received when he was successful. I love to see those little fingers working so hard.

How we Montessori colour matching activity at two years (1)

4. A Colour Matching Activity. Otto loves all kids of colour matching!

Harris Farms Little Pasta Organics at How we Montessori

5. Cute Pasta Shapes for Toddlers. These are adorable and perfect for lunchtime.

A few other things I've found useful this week:

Take care and stay safe.

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